The Public Sector Legal Team/Lawyer of the Year Award honours a public sector / Civil Service law team or individual lawyer (within the Civil Service or the wider Public Service i.e. Semi-State Agencies and Bodies of Ireland) that has demonstrated a sense of excellence in the provision of legal services to the internal client(s) during recent times and, in particular, since January 2019.

The criterion set out in the foregoing paragraph should be reflected in submissions and such submissions should also refer to the following:

●     Demonstration of the provision of effective, strategic, and timely legal advice within the organisation; and the awareness  of cross-disciplinary inputs (where relevant);

●      Awareness of developments in the law and other related issues affecting the ‘internal client’ and the communication of such developments to the internal client(s) on a regular basis; and

●     A result-focused professionalism demonstrating the necessity of providing legal but practical solutions expressed with great clarity in relation to the ‘issues’ (legal work) presented by the internal client.