The Law Student of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates the academic legal achievements and other overall achievements of a student studying law in a third level college or university during 2019/2021.

Life as a law student can be incredibly rewarding.

That being said, the financial demands of completing a law degree can seem overwhelming.

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Building credit as a student is not always easy, but a credit card could be the answer you are looking for.

That being said, are you considering entering the law student of the year awards?

The criterion set out in the foregoing paragraph should be reflected in submissions and such submissions should also refer to the following:

? Why the law student in question should be considered for the award and why he/she is determined to pursue a career in law;

? Academic achievements and relevant work experience, if any, and

? Extra-curricular activities or community/voluntary work – which does not have to be relevant to the study of law.