Law Student of the Year

The Law Student of the Year Award 2018 will recognise and celebrate the academic legal achievements and other overall achievements of a student studying law in a third level college or university during 2017. A law student who graduated in 2017 is also eligible to be considered for this award. A candidate for this award should submit a curriculum vitae and a one page summary of why the law student in question should receive the award.

In the one page summary – in addition to the curriculum vitae – the law student should state why he or she is determined to pursue a career in law. Law students may nominate themselves or may be nominated by another person with the consent of the candidate. The criteria which the judging panel will consider, which are not in any sense to be considered absolute or exhaustive, include the following:

  • Academic achievements;
  • Relevant work experience, if any;
  • Extra-curricular activities or community or voluntary work – which does not have to be relevant to the study of law.

Candidates may be called for interview.

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